Dapper Dog Mobile Dog Grooming
Dapper Dog Mobile Dog Grooming

Frequently asked questions

First Appointment

I will come and meet you and your dog in your home in order to begin building trust with your dog. I will use this opportunity to ask you complete some paperwork and discuss yours and your dogs requirements before I start the groom.

What do I need to supply / prepare

All I require is an electricity point and a fairly flat space to park. No water needed. Please make sure your dog has been toileted before the groom.

How long with the groom take

This will depend on factors such as coat type, length and condition and also the temperament of the dog. This can be discussed at the first appointment.

Will my dog be sedated

The simple answer to this is no. If you chose to have your dog sedated at the vet ready for a groom please contact me first as special arrangements may need to be made.

Can I stay with my dog

We don’t encourage owners to stay with their dogs as most dogs enjoy the grooming process more without distractions.

What if my dog doesn’t like the grooming process

Mobile grooming is ideal for dogs who have anxiety, are nervous or aggressive. The opportunity to meet the dog in their own home before the groom along with the one on one grooming experience allows a relationship of trust to be built. This calm environment minimises stress to your dog and promotes an atmosphere in which your dog can be as relaxed as possible.

Will you muzzle my dog

I would very much prefer to take my time to build a relationship of trust between myself and your dog, as such I prefer not to muzzle. However, if a dog is showing signs of aggression, or attempting to bite / lick the clippers or scissors I do carry fabric muzzles to protect the dogs safety and my safety.

What does a groom include

A massaging hydrotherapy bath using the best quality shampoos chosen based on your dogs specific skin and coat requirements. A free blueberry facial is included with every groom. Dogs are then hand dried (no drying cabinets here) and brushed out before we clip nails and clean ears. Feet, pads and sanitary areas are trimmed and it’s then onto styling, clipping and scissoring into an agreed style leaving your dog looking and feeing fabulous.

How often should my dog be groomed

This depends on the type of coat, growth rate and how much time you as an owner spend grooming your dog at home. Please ask me for home grooming tips. Most breeds should be groomed every 6 weeks or so but poodles and bichons should be every 4 – 5 weeks in order to stop their coats from becoming knotted or matted in between grooms.

When should my new puppy be groomed

As soon as your puppy has completed its vaccinations it should start making regular visits for grooming. There are a lot of new experiences for your puppy to discover and the younger they start the easier it is for them. Puppy grooms are half price (up to 6 months

What if my dog is matted

We do have a matted dog release form for you to sign at our first appointment. If your dog is badly matted and to remove the matts would be painful and stressful to your dog, it may be necessary to remove the matting using electric clippers prior to the grooming process however I will obtain your consent before undertaking this a procedure.

What if I can’t keep my appointment

Please call me to cancel as soon as you can as I have a 48hr cancellation policy. Missed appointments or those cancelled with less thank 48hr notice will incur a minimum fee of 50% of the standard grooming charge which will be due before further appointments will be booked. Please be on time when I arrive for your appointment. Client delays of over 15minutes will be considered as a missed appointment & will have to rebook. (Missed appointment fees apply).

If you have any questions I haven’t answered here please feel free to give me a call. As a mobile dog grooming service I incur costs travelling to and from your home for a missed appointment, along with a loss of income from the missed appointment that I cannot fill. For those reasons, it is unfortunately necessary to charge this fee.

  • Wash & Brush Up
  • Trim
  • Full Groom
  • Treatment Washes
  • Hand Strip
  • Puppy Groom
  • Nails & Ears