Dapper Dog Mobile Dog Grooming
Dapper Dog Mobile Dog Grooming

Dapper Dogs is a mobile dog groomer covering Rochdale and surrounding areas. Mobile dog grooming has a number of benefits which include:


We come to your front door leaving you free to carry on with your day. No car sickness or dirty dogs in your car. No inconvenient drop-off and pick-up. No long stays at the salon.

One on One

Your dog will be my sole focus and will receive personalised, individual attention throughout the groom. As I am the only groomer at Dapper Dogs this will encourage bonding and us building a trusting relationship.

Less Stress & More Comfort

Mobile grooming eliminates the stress of transporting your dog and the anxiety this can cause them with the added bonus that the time taken from your dog leaving the house to being back in the house looking fabulous is much shorter. As I only ever groom one dog at a time your dog will not be kept in a cage at any point, nor will they be in close proximity with other dogs as they may in a salon.


If your dog doesn’t seem to like going to the groomer, then mobile dog grooming could be an extremely positive experience. It’s possible that the cages, combined with the strange environment and barking dogs work together to make your dog upset. Getting groomed right outside the home could show your dog the experience is nothing to be scared of.

Older Dogs

There are many aspects of grooming that are soothing and positive for older dogs. The massaging hydrobath stimulates the skin providing a therapeutic water massage. The combing and brushing removes dead skin and can be very calming. Grooming can keep an older dog’s coat in top condition, which is an important part of staying healthy. A mobile service may be ideal for older dogs that may not tolerate trips to the groomer as well as they once did.

I am a fully qualified and professional dog groomer offering a mobile grooming service in Rochdale and the surrounding areas.

I offer a committed, caring and positive grooming experience to my doggy clients, giving each one the time, care and one to one attention they deserve. Grooming your dog to the highest possible standard with top quality grooming products whilst ensuring the care and welfare of the dog will always be my number one priority.
  • Wash & Brush Up
  • Trim
  • Full Groom
  • Treatment Washes
  • Hand Strip
  • Puppy Groom
  • Nails & Ears